Hire Santa's Sleigh
Hire Santa's Sleigh
Hire Santa's Sleigh
Hire Santa's Sleigh
Hire Santa's Sleigh

Hire Santa's Sleigh

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Welcome to the eco friendly Sleigh! Want to hire a sleigh? This is Pedal Power at its very best. This gorgeous little sleigh is ideal for pedaling round your precinct and giving rides to children who might have won a competition or just fancy a little ride on Santa's Sleigh. The costumed character (either an Elf or Santa) at the helm can ride the sleigh with up to 6 small children. It's even great if you have a celebrity switching on the lights. If you want to hire a sleigh for Christmas, this will add that extra magic to your event. Usual hours are 5 hours in a day for 30 minute appearances. Please remember that extreme hill climbs are not something our Elf handles too well - afterall, riding all day can make the fittest of Elves a little bit un-elfy!

  • Sleigh is 4ft wide

  • Adorned in Christmas Lights
  • Plays music
  • Ideal for parades
  • 13amp power source required to charge batteries between appearances
  • Ideal for carrying celebs
  • Arrives in large transit van
  • Takes around 45 minutes to set


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