Hire a Synthetic Rink
Hire a Synthetic Rink
Hire a Synthetic Rink
Hire a Synthetic Rink
Hire a Synthetic Rink

Hire a Synthetic Rink

Attraction Reference: RINKHB

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Synthetic rinks have never been more popular. Ideal in your location when a real ice rink is unaffordable. Ranging in all different sizes they come in 1m sections and can quite often work in different shapes making them very flexible.With skates in all sizes for children and adults along with skate aids, the rinks make for a great family event at Christmas time and in the summer. We deal with operators throughout the UK on a "wholesale" basis and therefore, our prices are quite often much cheaper because of the amount of work received. So why not hire a mobile synthetic ice rink for your event this year but please book early. All weekends from mid November through to Christmas Eve get booked from as early as January. Some of our operators charge more for the first weekend in December so book early to avoid excessive charges. Dry hire or fully staffed options are available. Sponsorship on the barriers is a guaranteed way of receiving a good return for your money. We have 12m x 12m Rinks at unbeatable prices!


Flat surface required. If rink set up is on grass, it will require additional boarding.

The rink cannot be placed around street furniture and will need a clear area.

Please note barriers range in 6 different types and styles depend on availability.

Log cabin skate storage is only available for week long plus engagements.

Prices quoted will be for 7 hour days.

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