Hire a Mobile Zoo!
Hire a Mobile Zoo!
Hire a Mobile Zoo!
Hire a Mobile Zoo!
Hire a Mobile Zoo!

Hire a Mobile Zoo!

Attraction Reference: DZ153

Price Band: £ £ £ £ £

DRZOO107 – Dr. Zoolittle - The Zoo that comes to you! With merecats, rabbits, chicks, hissing cockroaches, rats, a snake, spiders and anything creepy – this is ideal for summertime/Easter or Halloween. With one or two gazebos and presented by Dr. Zoolittle, all the little animals and creatures have their own story to tell. Questions and answers along with the display for up to 6 hours, this is great value for money and lovely for children to learn hands-on about the natural habitat of these most unusual creatures. Different formations are available such as Zoo and Birds of Prey, or “Mainly Meerkats.

Technical information:

1 or 2 marquees can be booked each measuring 10ft x 10ft. Power required on the day and the vehicle to be able to park as close to the working area as possible.

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