Crazy Golf Hire
Crazy Golf Hire
Crazy Golf Hire
Crazy Golf Hire
Crazy Golf Hire

Crazy Golf Hire

Attraction Reference: Crazy Golf

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With up to 3 different courses to choose from, all the items are made by the owner who comes from a family tradition of shipbuilders, clock-makers and wheelwrights. The sense of quality, craftsmanship and precision in design and the construction is the core value of which they are viewed. With some really quirky obstacles from Del Boy's Trotter Van to an aeroplane - this is probably one of the best golf attractions out there. Very reasonably priced offering great value for money with a 4 hour hire or an 8 hour hire, Crazy Golf is welcomed by all age groups and families so don't miss out. The sizes can be adapted to suit so please let us know your requirements! Get in touch if you want to hire mobile crazy golf at your next event!

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