Chicks & Bunnies
Chicks & Bunnies
Chicks & Bunnies
Chicks & Bunnies
Chicks & Bunnies

Chicks & Bunnies

Attraction Reference: Zoo17

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For Easter we have an array of gorgeous cute chicks and bunnies to give a real hands-on approach for the children. Children just love to see real live animals in front of their eyes and for some of the younger ones, this might be a very first time. If you want to hire mobile wildlife or a mobile zoo, then this is the ideal attraction for any indoor or outdoor event. In order to keep the chicks and bunnies warm, power is required and ideally if outdoors, the vehicle needs to be very close to the working area. With our people based in Sheffield and the Midlands, please bear in mind there could be travel costs.

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